Wednesday, 12 December 2012

From credentials to selections

So 65 views for my first post. Not bad for a start. I don't even know how they count these views. Maybe I viewed it 64 times, and one of my friends viewed it once. These numbers can be extremely deceiving so lets not look too far ahead in to that one. Vernon Philander will tell you that stats don't lie, but he can't disagree to the fact that they don't fail to deceive either.

Starting from where I left off last night, credentials. My credentials as to writing about cricket, on the internet, criticizing, praising and analyzing cricketing aspects. What are my credentials to do so? None. Honestly. None. These posts carry no credibility. These are personal opinions. This is a blog and I will write as I please. My comments about cricket are as good as yours, assuming that Sachin Tendulkar and Richie Benaud will not be reading this blog. Who needs credentials to write something up on the internet anyway? That is like going to watch a stand-up comedy and expecting the comedian to be politically correct. Or eating at the hot-dog stand down the street and expecting the food to be gourmet. If the producer is not a professional, then don't expect the product to be professional either.

On that note, let's move on to the cricket. What's ON this week. Sri Lanka's Premier Limited Overs tournament has started. No more tier A and tier B, after the no-more-relegation fiasco, meaning last year's champions Colts, last year's bottom table dwellers NCC and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (or what ever they call themselves) are playing in the same group. Impressive, don't you think? Load of cow pie if you ask me. I heard on Jarrod Kimber's weekly podcast this week a comment about our first class system. TOO MANY BLOODY TEAMS! If the two-tier system wasn't bad enough, they've decided to merge it. How brilliant is that! It's almost as brilliant as picking Dammika Prasad for the Australia Tour instead of Thissara Perera, but not quite.

Anil Rideegammanagedara has made a comeback to the domestic arena, he's playing with Galle CC now. I wonder whether he played for them last year as well. I wouldn't know. I didn't even know Galle CC had a captain, until I saw them topping the Group B table, above SSC and Bloomfield, after a week in to the tournament! Well good for him. Let's hope he never makes an appearance again, so that I don't have to write his ridiculously long name in my blog once more. Oh the hypocrisy, given that I my self have ten names.

Anil Rideegammanagedera : How I'd love to hear
David Lloyd try and pronounce his name.
Elsewhere, the BBL has kicked off. Thisara got 22 in 8. Malinga got 6 for 7. Murali played too.

Sri Lanka's tour of Australia kicks off this Friday, with the 1st test in Hobart. More on that on my next post.

Today's favorite cricket memory : Listening to Ajantha Mendis Take 6/13 vs India at the Asia Cup Final, on the radio while parked outside a McDonald's, waiting for my sister to come back from a party.


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