Thursday, 13 December 2012

Like a bunch of freshers

Sri Lanka vs Australia - 1st Test - Hobart - December 14th
Day 1 - Lunch - Australia 97/2 (26.2)

Excited. Jumpy. Edgy. Thrilled and uneasy. That's how Sri Lanka has looked in the first session in Hobart. Like a bunch of 15 year olds playing in their first junior's league game. they've looked very promising and unsettled. Apart from probably Nuwan Kulasekara, who on the other hand could be the one you'd mistake for a 15 year old school boy cricketer if you met him on the street, everyone else has looked rather nervous. Well, who wouldn't be Australia are 2 down for 97! That's only 2 less that the total number of wickets they got in the whole match in the 1st test of their last series here!

Billy the Kid might think he is the one and only Baby-faced assasin,
but he is not.
But they'll need to settle down soon. A couple of half chances have gone down. Half chances, I've never really liked that word. Does it mean, if you take it, it's only half a wicket? Do you have to take two half chances to get one wicket? Does it have to be of the same batsman? How do you split the credit between the bowler? Rubbish. Tough chances. Missed though. Vaas would have caught the one Welegedera got, but Vaas wouldn't have been bowling to Warner. He'd have been bowling to Hayden instead. And Hayden's on drive lands 60m behind the bowler's arm, or goes carpet along the ground. Mathew's made a bump ball look like a dropped catch. Would have been a screamer if he'd caught it, but I guess slip catching is an art which needs to be perfected, and in conditions like Galle and P Sara back home, it is an art even Picasso would have had a hard time picking up.

As Australia were nicely ticking along, Kula decided to go round the wicket and bowl which Warner seemed to think were leg breaks, the way he was hesitant to leave them. Welegedara then produced the ugliest of bouncers of which the ugliness was equally matched by the horrid pullshot Ed Cowan presented it with, face pointed at the sun, toe pointed at Wele's face, as if to say "Hey, two can play the ugly game!". Obviously he was out caught and all was well.

Warner and Hughes then went on rampage on the offside, Eranga their primary target, and occasionally also Welegedara. At the stroke of lunch, Dilshan went out to bowl with his golden arm and got a wicket off a run out. Talk about luck! Herath must be ruing the fact that he is a left arm spinner rather than a righty given the number of left handers in this Aussie line up, but bank on him to make life much difficult for Watson when he comes out to bat after lunch.

Lets wait and see how things unroll at the Bellerive for the second session will begin in a matter of minutes.

Catch you for a quick paragraph after tea. Until then,


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